Experience the Bliss of the Divine Mother


Sanskrit mantra, yogic practices, and universal wisdom. This is the Temple of the Divine Mother. She’s inside your heart, waiting.


What We Offer

Live and Recorded Classes


Our classes teach the philosophy and meditative techniques of Sanatana Dharma – the Eternal Ideal of Perfection.

Learn how to chant the mantras, to do the puja, and to apply the wisdom of the ancient sages to your own life.


Comprehensive Puja Instruction


Puja is an ancient system of worship – a guided meditation – that purifies Awareness and raises our Consciousness.

Weave your asana, pranayam, mudras, offerings, and Sanskrit chanting into one devotional offering to God.




Parampara is the lineage of Gurus that traces our heritage back to Lord Shiva, the Guru of all of the Gurus.

Transform yourself with sacred wisdom, transmitted through a line of Gurus dating back to ancient India.


Holistic Wisdom


Everything you need to create a holistic spiritual discipline, from guided meditation to financial planning.

Learn the Dharmic principles of goal setting, harmonious relationships, astrology, and more.



Meet the Gurus




Shree Maa is a great Saint from the Assam region of India.

She teaches that spirituality means “giving more than you take” and demonstrates this in her own endless giving.

She often wakes up early in the morning to cook for guests at the ashram, and has been known to give to her devotees malas from her own neck and murtis from her own altar.

She lives a simple secluded lifestyle, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, where She dedicates most of her time to sadhana.

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Swami Satyananda is a true yogi, a master of efficiency, and a loving teacher.

Swamiji spent nearly 20 years walking through the Himalayas and villages of India, where he completely dedicated himself to the path of sadhana (spiritual discipline) imparted to him by his Guru.

He has meditated for hours in the hot springs of Bakreshwara, has chanted by the fire from dawn to dusk without moving, and even submerged himself in the icy waters of the Ganga in the Himalayas to chant mantras to the Goddess.

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